The Stowaway Toiletry Kit Odour Proof Bag by Revelry

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Odour Absorbing and Water Resistant Luggage

With lots of pockets and a bit of padding, The Stowaway is perfect for holding all of your travel essentials. 

The Tech

What makes our bags different is that they are a hybridization of two different bag technologies. We use carbon filters for odour absorption in conjunction with rubber shield you would traditionally see in a dry bag for water resistance and odour containment. By using this technology together, we are able to make a bag that functions better than either would separately. 

Now take that tech, make it affordable, and put it in a bag that also looks great and that's Revelry. We take pride in what we make, we use quality materials and manufacture responsibly. We know that the look of a bag is just as important as the function behind it. It has always been our mission to make a bag that looks as good as it works.


      Brand Revelry Supply
      Volume 5L
      Bag Type Money Bag, Toiletry Bag
      Width 28cm
      Length 15cm
      Height 13cm
      Colour Black, Green, Crosshatch Grey, Striped Dark Grey, Navy Blue