The Shorty Odour Proof Backpack Bag by Revelry

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The Shorty Odour Proof Backpack By Reverly is a more compact size of our most popular backpack, The Escort. Packing the same features in a smaller, lighter packadge perfect for a day sack or using the adjustable straps, even a kids sack.

The Tech

What makes our bags different is that they are a hybridization of two different bag technologies. We use carbon filters for odour absorption in conjunction with rubber shield you would traditionally see in a dry bag for water resistance and odour containment. By using this technology together, we are able to make a bag that functions better than either would separately.

Now take that tech, make it affordable, and put it in a bag that also looks great and that's Revelry. We take pride in what we make, we use quality materials and manufacture responsibly. We know that the look of a bag is just as important as the function behind it. It has always been our mission to make a bag that looks as good as it works.


      Brand Revelry Supply
      Length 11.5cm
      Width 22cm
      Height 30cm
      Bag Type Rucksack