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Puffco Peak Pro: INTRODUCTION:
Puffco continues to be the pioneer in the electric vaporizer dab rig arena. The Puffco Peak Pro is an improved version of the Puffco Peak, widely regarded as the most fantastic dab rig vaporizer. The new Pro features a more appealing aesthetic, easier app use, and is even more effective at delivering the concentrate. The Peak is updated in every way, according to Puffcos' founder. The app-controlled temperature presets can be modified to ensure precise vaping that will satisfy anyone from a complete novice to a seasoned veteran. The Peak Pro is usable with Wax, Shatter, Dab, Isolate, or any other Solid Extract.

Bluetooth App Integration
The Peak Pro is managed through the Peak Pro App Experience, a smartphone app. The app allows you to personalize the four temperature presets by adjusting the heat duration, temperature, and colour. The app can cycle among colour schemes and lighting modes to set the mood when not in use. Choose from four distinct lighting patterns: pulse, wave, disco, and stealth.

The app also serves as the product's display, displaying Live Stats such as Active Heat Setting, Bowl Temperature, Daily Dabs, and Total Dabs.

Charging Wirelessly
The Puffco Peak Pro features USB-C charging, as one would expect from a Next-Gen device. As a result, The Peak Pro has consistent power distribution and faster charging times.

The Peak Pro Power Dock is a brand-new accessory that will keep your smartphone charged and ready at all times. It also functions as a power bank, significantly extending the product's battery life. This attachment is highly recommended for seasoned, regular users.

Carb Cap Oculus
The Puffco Peak Pro features a uniquely designed removable ceramic Carb Cap dubbed the Oculus. The Oculus has a capacity that is 40% greater than its predecessor. As a result, the Peak Pro is ideal for passing around in a group practice.

Another advantage of the new Oculus Carb Cap is that it is transparent, allowing you to monitor the material in the bowl.

Smart Embedded Chamber Sensing
Puffco has built an embedded temperature sensor within the chamber that guarantees that the dab experience is as consistent and controlled as possible. The sensor's advantage is that it can perform micro-adjustments to ensure that the desired temperature is always reached and not exceeded. The coil contains gold plate connectors and a robust lock mechanism.

Carrying Case of Superior Quality
The carrying case for the Puffco Peak Pro puts everything you need to take with you into a sleek and compact travel case. This also protects the product during transit by using shock-absorbing foam padding.

Higher Path Note 

The Puffco Peak Pro is the gold standard in concentrate dabbing E-Rigs. It is simple for novices and adjustable with complete control for more experienced users who know exactly what they want out of a session. With Real Time Temperature Technology, no matter how hard you inhale or how much concentrate you use, the Peak Pro will stay at the temperature you want it. 

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