The Martian® Original Bubbler

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The Martian® Original Blunt Bubbler™ is here!

We arrive in peace! You now have access to the first Cone Bubbler including cutting-edge smoking technologies from somewhere in this galaxy. This bubbler is simply extraordinary!

  • Authentication is provided by a custom MJ logo on the base.
  • Almost all rolled things are compatible with the Martian bubbler.
  • Pendant hook
  • Spill-resistant construction.
  • Function for an one hitter.
  • A carb hole that is ergonomically situated to provide for a natural grasp.
  • Normal and directed airflow carb caps are available.

It works great as a Cone Bubbler! Most rolled products are good to go, one size fits all.

Height: 2.45 inches

Dimensions: 2.25in x 2.5in x 1.25

Bubbler design and utility function protected by multiple USPTO granted patents, owned by MJ Arsenal