Terpometer Dab Thermometer

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The Terpometer, now available in this slick limited edition Electric Blue Terpometer Colourway. The Terpometer is the world's first-ever thermometer calibrated exclusively for dabbing; the team was tired of the inconsistent and inaccurate readings provided by the infrared thermometers on the market. They realised a critical reason for this inaccuracy was that the infrared devices don't make direct contact between the device and the banger, which is the motivation for the Terpometer. Thanks to direct contact, the Terpometer is the ultimate way to achieve the ideal temperature to dab. Now the Terpometer is back and brighter than ever in this awesome Electric Blue Colourway.

Accurate live temperature readings

The Electric Blue Terpometer will leave those timers and extra hot dabs as a remnant of the past as it gives meticulously accurate readings on the LCD screen in real-time so you can hit your dab at the perfect temperature. The temperatures are shown in both Celcius & Fahrenheit measurements and you can switch measurements by holding down the button for 3 seconds/

The temps are available in Celcius or Fahrenheit, and switching the measurements is instigated by holding down the button for 3 seconds. The screen features their patented RGB technology, ensuring it is ultra-easy to dial in your optimum dabbing temps. The screen lights up in green to suggest what is believed to be the sweet spot for the best flavour, effects & relative vapour. The team's slogan is Green means go to reflect this!


Brand The Terpometer
Colour Black
Material Metal
Width 6.5cm
Length 20cm
Height 5cm
Colour Black