Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Hookah Glass Black

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Stundenglass Kompact Gravity Hookah

The Kompact Gravity Infuser is the newest spectacular piece from Stundenglass. The Kompact retains the original's innovative 360° gravity system, dynamic design, and immersive experience, but in a more refined, portable version that includes a custom-fit travel bag.

The Kompact, which stands just under a foot tall, offers what you need to enjoy the benefits of Studenglass in a convenient compact. When compared to the full size globes, the smaller globes hold about a third of the capacity, or 1 cup, resulting in cooler and faster pulls.

The travel case is made of high-quality fabric and is form-fitted to hold the Kompact Stundenglass, which comes completely built and ready to use.

The front features a stunning metal inlaid branding plate, an easy-to-use zipper, a carrying handle, and an over-the-shoulder strap. There is room inside for accessories, including a handy pocket for storing anything extra you want to bring with you.

The Kompact Gravity Hookah infuser is a full system that contains an aluminium bowl kit and a glass liner for practical versatility. It can, however, be connected to any smoking or vaporisation device that has a 14mm male joint. A 3-foot silicone hose is also supplied, which can connect to the 45° adjustable mouthpiece for direct draws or a constant stream of smoke for contactless consumption.

What's in the box?

1. Glass & Aluminum Hookah
2. Glass Globes
3. Male-To-Male Hookah Bowl Adapter
4. Hookah Bowl
5. Hookah Wand
6. Coal Tray
7. Flower Bowl
8. 3-Foot Hose