Proxy Bub Glass by Puffco

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Introducing the Puffco Proxy Bub, the ultimate filtration attachment that takes the dynamic nature of the Puffco Proxy to the next level. This attachment utilizes traditional water pipe-based rig filtration to provide an extra smooth, cool, and satisfying hit that fans of water pipes will appreciate.

Crafted by skilled artisans from premium borosilicate glass, the Puffco Proxy Bub adds a sleek aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. The classic Sherlock Holmes style adds a touch of old-school sophistication to your Puffco Proxy.

Upgrade your Puffco Proxy experience with the Puffco Proxy Bub and discover the true potential of your device. Enjoy the added water filtration option and the impressive rip that it delivers. Take your Puffco Proxy to the next level with this essential accessory.