Simrell Performance Kit for Dynavap

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Introducing the NEW Simrell Performance Kit. A collaborative project between Dynavap's founder George and Simrell's Austyn to merge the original airflow characteristics of the Dynavap product line with the cooling power of the Intercooler, all in one package. Now you can easily add cooling to your Dynavap “M”, Vong or any 62mm Stem. Just swap out your condenser.

The precision notched titanium condenser enables the intercooler to sit inside of the condenser. With this optimized design, you can get the same Dynavap extraction profile with added cooling. This design also creates a screw like interface, locking the intercooler into position and allowing us to get a larger diameter cooler inside of the condenser. This combination allows for a nice hands-free experience as the negative pressure from the intercooler inside allows for a perfect balance of fresh air/extraction ratio. No need to mess with the airport if you don’t want to.


  • Precision notched Titanium Dynavap Condenser
  • Newly designed Titanium Dynacooler