Roor Pocket Friend

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Ideal for travellers and smokers on the road. This pipe is perfect for those who do not want to miss their pipe while on the move. The detail taken in the manufacture of this pipe is emmense. The smoke is taken around the outside of the glass pipe and delivered into the bottom of the water chamber. This allows for more coolant than you would think to come into play, thuis making this a very smooth pipe indeed. The whol piece is then flattened to allow for portabillity in a jacket pocket. We would recommend a padded bag for this piece.

Roor manufacture all their hand glass pipes at their factory and each piece is lovingly hand blown to allow the artisans to demonstrate their skill and craftsmanship. Allow for slight variations in how each piece looks making them truly and individual glass pipe with its own characteristics.


Brand ROOR
Height 17cm
joint size 14.5mm
Glass Thickness 3mm
Material Pyrex
Bong Type Hand Pipe
Joint Female
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