Roor Glass Bongs Tiny Sister

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Fresh on the heels of the snapper comes the Tiny Sister base don their iconic Little Sister bong this pipe has been designed for the concentrate and oil market. Based on a thinner diameter 4mm tube this beaker based glass bong comes with a showerhead diffuser as standard which allows for even more filtration and a smoother hit.

With a large, in comparison, beaker base you can fit more coolant which allows for a greater smoke to coolant area, result? a lot smoother and cooler hit.

Hand made by Artisans, the Roor Bongs range is second to none in popularity and quality, each piece is lovingly crafted from premium Schott Duran boroscilicate glass which makes it very strong and very durable. The Snapper is perfect for those looking for a smaller form factor and premium quality.


Brand ROOR
Height 29cm
Glass Thickness 4mm
Material Pyrex
Bong Type Beaker
Joint Female
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