RAW Supernatural Giga Cone - 12in

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The Supernatural Giga Cone by RAW is a carbon copy of the king-size version of the pre-rolled cones, only much much bigger, in fact, it's so much bigger it's almost supernatural. The Giga cone comes in a box of 15 or 1 single piece per individual packet and is 12in or 30cm in length, meaning this not so little cone can pack quite a bit.

The Supernatural Cone by RAW is made from the same unrefined natural unbleached high-quality paper all the other RAW papers are made out of and because of this fact you get exactly the same great taste and flavour profile you would from any of our other pre-rolled cones.


    Brand RAW Rolling Papers
    Colour Brown
    Rolling Paper Type Unbleached
    Paper Size 12in
    Width 3cm
    Height 31cm
    Material Paper