RAW Organic Hemp KingSize Pre-Rolled Cones (3/Pack, 32/Box)

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RAW Organic Hemp Cones are without a doubt the greatest organic hemp cones on the market! RAW Organic Hemp Paper is created from unrefined, pure hemp with no added chalk, no dyes, and no phosphates. Each piece of paper is a light tan tone that has been hand-rolled into the right cone shape. The tip is hand folded into a W to keep materials out while providing an unfiltered large draw.

RAW Organic Hemp Cones come with an unrefined natural paper straw. Plastic straws are NOT used in genuine RAW Cones! RAW Organic Hemp Kingsize Cones are 110mm long and have a 26mm tip.


    Brand RAW Rolling Papers
    Rolling Paper Type Organic, Unbleached, Ultra Thin, Hemp
    Paper Size KingSize
    Material Hemp