RAW Organic Hemp Connoisseur KingSize Slim with Tips Natural Rolling Paper (32/Papers, 24/Box)

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RAW Organic Hemp Connoisseur KingSize Slim with Tips comes with 32 organic hemp papers and 32 hemp tips which is attached to the packaging. A rubber band keeps the pack closed and secure for the smoker on the go.

The choice is clear, choose RAW rolling papers for a totally natural paper. Made by Artisans from Alcoy in Spain these totally natural papers offer the discerning smoker a simple choice, RAW Rolling papers unbleached and unrefined or chlorenated rolling papers full of chemicals. RAW also have there own exclusive cross pattern watermark, which minimises runs and odd burning of the papers for a more even burning smoking experience. Hold these beautifully translucent papers up to the light and you see the honey golden brown natural colour of these rolling papers criss crossed with their patent pending watermark! A true artisan rolling paper in every sense of the word with over 100 years of history poured lovingly into every packet of natural rolling papers produced.


    Brand RAW Rolling Papers
    Rolling Paper Type Organic, Unbleached, Ultra Thin, Hemp
    Paper Size KingSize Slim