RAW Black Organic Hemp King Size Slims - Rolling Papers

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Raw Black Organic Hemp is part of a special release in celebration of 16 years of RAW! Raw Black has a special place in many smoking connoisseurs hearts as it is their thinnest ever paper and is the choice for many backstrappers today.

The Raw Blacks construction is the thinnest, slow-burning unbleached paper Raw have ever used, and they're now providing it in an organic hemp option for all the organic smokers out there. Each sheet is unbelievably thin and constructed with very low porosity so that your Raw Black Organic Hemp papers will burn super slow and preserve your terps. Raw Black Organic Hemp is made purely from natural hemp, water and completed with a sustainably sourced organic gum from Acacia tree sap. RAW paper is made from entirely natural plants with absolutely zero burning additives.

Like the rest of the papers produced by RAW, they've been made in their dedicated facility in Alcoy, Spain. These papers are pressed extra-fine during manufacturing to produce the thinnest unbleached rolling paper out there. So look no further than the new RAW Black range of papers if you really want to make the most of your terps and capture the full flavour profile as nature intended.


Brand RAW Rolling Papers
Colour Black
Rolling Paper Type Hemp
Paper Size KingSize Slim
Material Hemp