RAW Black Organic Hemp 1¼ Papers

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The thinnest paper ever made, RAW Black, just got better. As a special release in celebration of 16 years of RAW, these RAW Black Organic Hemp 1¼ Unbleached papers are the choice of many experts. Gaining God tier status amongst the top-shelf community.

As a result of being made with very low porosity(inferior products tend to have the opposite), the slow burn and preserved terps produce an excellent experience. Made from only natural hemp and water, finished with a natural, organic gum extracted from sustainably harvested Acacia tree sap produced in the Raw factory in the home of rolling paper Alcoy, Spain. As natural as you possibly can get.

When Josh Kesselman said "I'm the best in the world when it comes to rolling papers. I know what my job is and it's very simple: supply you with the best rolling paper ever made."

He must have been talking about these.

As with everything Raw, this product is made from natural plants, is unrefined, contains zero burn additives, and is 100% Vegan.

32 Leaves Per Pack
50 Packs Per Box

100% of profits will go to Charity
Since we have and will forever champion the benefits of dry herb vaporisers over traditional methods of consumption such as *cough *cough smoking, it became a somewhat moral dilemma whether to stock Raw products but after several requests from customers who had received counterfeit papers in London, something needed to be done. Following a bit of head-scratching, we decided the only fair and moral thing to do would be to stock Raw but give all the profits away to good causes. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. You guys receive genuine products whilst feeling good about donating to great projects. We have a clear conscience and can sleep well at night. And most importantly, hopefully, some lives get impacted for the better. If anybody knows of charities that need support get in touch.
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