Proxy Ball Cap and Tether by Puffco

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The Puffco Proxy Ball Cap is the ultimate accessory to elevate your dab game to the next level. Its innovative design enhances the airflow dynamics, enabling you to direct the airflow to precisely where you want it to go. The result is a truly personalized and superior dabbing experience.

The 360 directional air flow of the Proxy Ball Cap provides complete control of the airflow, allowing for even heating of your concentrate and producing thick, consistent clouds of vapor. This means you can enjoy every last bit of your concentrate, maximizing your smoking experience and getting the most out of your investment.

The Ball Cap's unique design is also incredibly versatile, as it can be easily interchanged with other heady after-market ball caps. This allows you to customize your set-up even further, selecting from a wide range of different styles and designs to suit your individual preferences.

Upgrade your Puffco Proxy with the Proxy Ball Cap, and take your dabbing experience to the next level!