PorDeBowl Portable Debowler

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The Pordebowl is a portable travel debowler that seals up air-tight with a silicone o-ring to keep your spent material perfectly safe for later repurposing (or disposal).

Available currently in black and green versions, the body and lids of these debowlers are molded out of food safe plastic. The debowling tool is made out of stainless steel, and can be used as a tamp and stirring tool as well when removed from the debowler. The lid features a genuine DynaMag that makes it a nice little travel stand for your DynaVap (if that's what you happen to be using this with) while using it out and about.

The tool, when removed from the debowler, is also excellent for popping out (with the stirring end) and for replacing (with the tamp end) the CCD in DynaVap devices.

Please Note:

Pordebowl is not designed for use as an ashtray if combusting - as actively burning material emptied into the debowler may damage the plastic. 

The tool is pressure fit when stored or in the debowling position, and the lid makes an air-tight seal, so this is product may not be ideal for those with limited finger strength/dexterity or arthritis in the hands.