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Introducing the Plenty Vaporizer
Plenty Vaporizer is a simple to use dry herb desktop vaporiser that guarantees that the air is evenly heated and disseminated, resulting in rich and tasty vapour clouds for its users. Despite its superior technology and inventive design, the Plenty Vaporizer is ideal for expert and novice vapers. The Plenty Vaporizer is a standout desktop vape with an extra-large chamber – great for group sessions. It is simple to use while providing enough control and quality to satisfy even the most discerning vaping fans. The Plenty Vaporizer is a terrific choice if you value both performance and superb taste throughout your sessions. It has a design that resembles a home power tool and is produced by the same firm that created the renowned Volcano.

Performance at the Pinnacle
The Plenty Vaporizer is made with the best quality medical grade materials, ensuring excellent performance and durability with each session. Full-bodied, powerfully flavoured vapour is produced for your enjoyment, thanks to an extraordinarily well-built inner chamber and a superbly efficient stainless steel coil for cooling. Its cutting-edge technology also ensures brilliantly equal heating across the entire herb load, decreasing the chance of burning and assuring dependably great-tasting vapour.

Temperature Control Made Simple
The Plenty Vaporizer has seven pre-set temperature settings, all controlled by a simple wheel mechanism on the device's side. Temperatures range from 37°C to 215°C, as shown by a helpful analogue temperature gauge on the front. Suppose you're still learning the ropes and aren't sure which temperature is best for your session. In that case, the Plenty Vaporizer's temperature dial displays a helpful green heat zone to keep you informed about what the optimum temperature is likely to be.

The Plenty Vaporizer was designed primarily for dependable desktop usage, so you'll never have to worry about replacing batteries or recharging the gadget. The endurance of this vaporizer is simply unrivalled, as it is powered by simply plugging it straight into the wall. And, because it has been meticulously made utilizing only the highest quality materials throughout its construction, the lack of electrical components within the Plenty Vaporizer ensures optimum reliability and lifespan – meaning you have a vaporizer here that will last for many years.

Simple to Use
While many desktop vaporizers look more frightening than smaller portable choices, the Plenty Vaporizer has been developed with simplicity. Insert your herbs, connect the matching coil, replace the top, and set the temperature. This vaporizer will quickly heat up and begin generating high-quality vapour when turned on. And, if the heat potency begins to wane, the device's indicator light will turn off for immediate notification. Maintaining steady heat throughout the whole session time is simple with the push of a button on the handle.

Higher Path Note

The Plenty Vaporiser is the perfect companion for desktop usage, you'll never have to worry about replacing batteries or recharging the gadget. Following the popularity of its predecessor, the Volcano Digit, Storz and Bickel created the Plenty Vaporiser. Made in Germany, The Plenty, like all of S&B's device's is efficient, easy to clean, and features a rapid heat-up time. There are numerous reasons to love this Vaporiser. Most crucially, it generates rich and high-quality vapours every single time.

  • Handheld Desktop Vaporiser
  • Patented combination of convection & conduction heating
  • Unparalleled airflow (30 l/min)
  • Rugged and robust design
  • Highly efficient Cooling Coil
  • Compatible with Dosing Capsules and Drip Pad
  • Automatic shutoff - After reaching Set Temperature
  • 3 Years
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