Peak Pro 3D Chamber

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Meet the game-changing Official 3D chamber for the Puffco Peak Pro. A 15% increase in vapour, a 33% faster heat-up time and a 24% increase in efficiency make this a must-have accessory for Puffco Peak Pro owners!

Easy Cleaning
Features a coated chamber to ensure that cleaning is

Faster Heat Up Time
Coils around the sides of the atomiser mean that the temperature is held more consistently throughout the chamber resulting in faster heat-up times

Increase Vapour and Flavour
Consistency in heating equals better vapour and flavour.

Better Battery Performance
Less energy is required to heat up the Puffco Peak Pro

* Please be aware that a Firmware update is required through the app to use the 3D chamber (download it through the app), it is also only compatible with the Puffco Peak Pro. Please check app availability in your location either using the Puffco app or the Path Bluetooth browser. 
** Puffco advises that you should never attempt to disassemble the chamber as this will cause the chamber to break.
*** In order to clean the chamber, please submerge the entire chamber in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

****The app is not available to all users worldwide, UK users can use the iPhone app via the path browser workaround on Puffco's site, but UK users have reported difficulty using the Android app. Please check this link to view Puffco's smartphone app guide. 

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