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Introducing the Mighty+ (Plus)
The Storz and Bickel Mighty+ is a dry herb vaporizer featuring USB-C charging and faster heat up time than the original Mighty.

It's still easy to use, with only three buttons to control the heating, making it a fantastic vape for beginners who appreciate its simplicity and advanced users who will benefit from its tremendous heating power and durability.

enhanced design
The Mighty+'s redesigned design makes it ideal for everyday use. Because the filling chamber now has a ceramic coating, your herbs will taste even better. Another popular feature is the redesigned fins, which are discreetly positioned on the bottom to allow it to stand upright when not in use or attached to a water tool.

The perfect method for heating your herbs or concentrates
The Mighty+'s revolutionary heating method, which combines conduction and convection heating, efficiently and evenly warms herbs or concentrate without stirring. In addition, unlike the original, it has an optimised heater that warms up in 60 seconds or less.

Experiment with different temps.
You can completely customise your vaping experience with the Mighty+ vaporizer because you can choose any temperature between 40°C and 210°C!

Storz & Bickel also included a temperature-changing option. Triple-clicking the On/Off button raises the current temperature by 15°C and allows you to cycle between temperatures considerably faster.

Even quicker charging
The Mighty+'s new USB-C port with the "Supercharge" function allows you to charge the two 3300 mAh batteries up to 80% in just 40 minutes. You can now fast-charge your device anywhere, giving you more time to vape rather than charge.

It also has passthrough charging, so you can use the Mighty+ while it is charging!

Quality assurance certification
The Mighty+ is the first dry herb vaporizer to be UL certified. Rest comfortably knowing that a third-party safety certification company has inspected all of its electrical, battery, and heating systems!

Higher Path Note 

Storz and Bickel have a reputation for valuing efficiency, quality, and exceptional performance. Their flagship portable device, The Mighty+, does not disappoint in this regard. Featuring an innovative patented hybrid heating system, The Mighty+ employs conduction for the bowl and convection to create a hot air stream. Best in class cool, dense flavourful vapour every single time. If you only ever wanted to own one dry herb or concentrate vaporiser for the rest of your life, this would most definitely be the one. No questions. 

  • USB-C socket
  • Supercharge function: 80% charge in approx. 40 minutes
  • Heats up in approx. 60 seconds
  • Ceramic coated filling chamber
  • Optimized design for better stability
  • Pre-set Superbooster temperature
  • Improved housing
  • 2-year warranty + 1 year upon registration
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