Marley One Oil 30ml - One Flow (Cordyceps & Ginseng)

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One Flow (Cordyceps & Ginseng)

Marley One are passionate for natural wellness focusing on both eastern and western solutions to common ailments. Today, they're excited to provide you with a quick and easy approach to get the powerful benefits of proven, legal, and functional mushrooms. 

Enhance Physical Endurance & Mental Function with One Flow. With the incredible force of One Flow, you can unleash your ultimate potential.


The planet has many Cordyceps species. Though not strictly a mushroom, entomopathogenic fungi thrive as parasites on insects. In traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, Cordyceps was a vitality elixir used to fight disease, boost stamina, and prolong longevity.

Tibetan shepherds labouring at high altitudes first spotted this wiry creature. Cordyceps helped them deal with low oxygen's impact on their exertion.

It acquired notoriety in the West for its impact on athletic performance when Chinese female athletes broke world records while taking cordyceps. Cultivators are introducing Himalayan medicine to the West through dietary supplements.

Cordyceps boost vigour, endurance, and stamina due to naturally occurring chemicals that increase blood oxygen.

As a functional fungus, cordyceps is low-calorie and has other benefits. It's rich in protein-building amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Prebiotic fibre, which helps the digestive tract maintain healthy gut flora, is one of their most potent effects. Cordycepin and other essential bioactive chemicals are found in cordyceps mushrooms.

Cordyceps are suitable for athletes seeking pure energy that boosts performance. Oxygen supply impacts more than just athletes; It may support everyday energy, cognitive health, and mood in the general population. It also may help persons with poor energy and weariness. Cordyceps are cardiotonic, meaning they may help fight inflammation.


Ginseng is the most widely used herbal treatment. The two most prevalent types are found in Asia and the United States, where they grow in damp soil under trees. Ginseng has been in use for many years in Chinese medicine.

For ages, the roots of ginseng plants have been utilised as a herbal cure in China, Korea, and other Asian countries. Ginseng has traditionally been used to enhance energy generation and brain function, maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, regulate cholesterol, and avoid sexual difficulties in men.

    • Made of 100% natural ingredients
    • Supports immunity, energy, brain function and overall health
    • Non-GMO
    • Vegan
    • Made in GMP Facility
    • No synthetic or artificial colours
    • Night shade free

    Ingredients: MCT Oil, purified water, Cordyceps, ginseng, N-acetyl Cysteine, Cacao, Sunflower lecithin, artificial and natural flavourings. Peppermint extract flavouring.

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