Large 3 Piece Herb Grinders by Santa Cruz Shredder

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Large 3 Piece Santa Cruz Shredder

Dimensions: Diameter 7cm, Height : 4.5cm


Black, Rasta, Red, Green, Purple, Grey, Gold

Made in California, the legendary Santa Cruz Shredder(or SCS), since its release in 2011, has been meticulously examined and upgraded. Each component of the Shredder has been optimised, from the unique teeth design and threading pattern to the rare earth magnet employed in the lid closure system—making this the go-to tool for serious herb enthusiasts worldwide.

Let's start with the SCS's distinctive tooth design, the product of extensive research. Santa Cruz recognised the disadvantages of typical sharp teeth: mainly, they will dull and become clogged with burrs and microscopic metal flakes, which will continuously fall into your smoking mix. Yikes. With the help of Siemens CAD Software, they went about creating the most" perfect" shredding tooth design ever made. Not only are the square teeth of the SCS robust and durable, but they are also guaranteed never to dull or release metal. The teeth were also angled in numerous directions to ensure that only the most delicate ground herb fell through the perforations.

The grinding motion is effortless because of the friction rings that maintain a consistent, smooth grind. The "knurled" grip is far more prominent than other grinders, improving hand and finger grip. You can see and feel the improved grip pattern and how much simpler it is to turn. This incredibly graspable lid makes rotating the grinder far more effortless, and the resulting butter smooth feel is almost orgasmic. The SHREDDER is popular among patients who suffer from hand or wrist discomfort because of the better-textured grip.

Raw aluminium grinders available from others contains a high concentration of harmful substances and are thus considered hazardous to the end-user. SCS's ultrasonic surgical cleaning technique eliminates ALL contaminants using high-frequency sound waves and a medical-grade solution. Apart from being the world's only medical grinder, the SCS is truly scratch-resistant, unlike other aluminum grinders that only offer a temporary illusion of quality. Santa Cruz's superiority in this regard is due to its use of innovative aerospace anodizing technologies, which help create a solid protective surface.

The proof is in the pudding at the end of the day, and boy(girl) does this dessert taste good. Ground herb produced is uniform in size, very fluffy, and excellent for vaping—Engineered to perfection.

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