KIKI HEALTH Organic Mushroom Maitake 60 vegetarian capsules 380mg

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Maitake 380mg

The maitake mushroom is a polypore fungus that grows in clusters around the bases of trees, especially oaks. The gorgeous array of overlapping caps that resemble bird feathers is appropriately described by its name, which translates as the dancing mushroom. It is known as the "hen-of-the-woods" because of its bird-like appearance.  The fungus's other names are ram's head mushroom and sheep's head mushroom. 

The fungus is endemic to northern Japan and North America, and it is revered as a traditional therapeutic mushroom, aiding in restoring changed physiological systems to normal levels.

Maitake grows from a potato-sized underground tuber-like structure called a sclerotium. The fruiting body, which can grow as tall as 150 centimetres, is a cluster of numerous greyish-brown caps with wavy borders that are commonly curved or spoon-shaped. Each cap has one to three pores per millimetre on its undersurface. Maitake can grow to be more than 45 kilos in Japan.

It was found almost 2,000 years ago in Japan by a group of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters. They danced in delight at this unique mushroom's flavour, look, and medicinal benefits and its name originates from that experience.

Because of its medicinal and regenerative properties, maitake has become an essential part of Chinese and Japanese herbology since its discovery. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine as a medicinal mushroom to promote spleen and stomach health and help calm nerves. Japanese mycologists developed indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques in 1979, and maitake is now one of the most widely utilised mushrooms in the world.

As a functional food, maitake mushrooms are both healthy and useful. Their nutritional value is provided by amino acids, B vitamins, and minerals such as copper, zinc, and phosphorus. Maitake mushrooms contain a high concentration of alpha- and beta-glucans, polysaccharides, triterpenes, and other bioactive compounds that have been linked to a variety of health benefits. These advantages may include: Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar and Healthy Blood Cholesterol Levels, Promoting a Healthy Gut Flora, and Aids in Weight Management.


  • 100% Organic Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) Mushroom Extract from fruiting bodies (380mg)
  • Shell Capsule: Hypromellose
  • Naturally free from gluten and wheat.


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