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&YOU &FOCUS Nicotine Pouches are convenient pouches that you simply place under your lip at anytime and place. They contain zero tobacco, only sensational flavours and Nicotine. 

&FOCUS Pouches Contain 6mg of nicotine per serve 10mg of nicotine per gram

MINT - Cooling Menthol blended with fresh Spearmint 

BERRY- Juicy Raspberry and Strawberry with a hint of Cassis

CITRUS - Sunny Lemon with a splash of refreshing Lime

AIR - Completely Flavour Free for those moments when you want the taste of Air

Nicotine strength 10 mg/g
Nicotine content 6 mg per portion
Flavours Mint | Berry | Citrus | Flavour Free
Pouch type Slim
Pouches per can 20

1. Place a pouch between your cheek and gum

2. Experience the unique taste of V&YOU

3. Enjoy for up to 30 mins

4. Place the finished pouch in the waste compartment

INGREDIENTS: Cellulose granules, Nicotine, Salt, Water, PH Modifiers, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Acesulfam K (Sweetener), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Flavours (Not Included in Flavour Free Option)