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Introducing The Crafty Plus Vaporizer

The Crafty+ Vaporizer is ideal for novice and experienced vapers because of its upgraded technology and outstanding performance. It's small enough to fit your pocket, easy to operate, and consistently generates flavorful, chilled vapour. The Crafty Plus is almost half the size of its larger brother, the Mighty, and is a fantastic choice for people searching for a smaller, more discreet vape that does not sacrifice quality.

What has changed?

The original Crafty vaporizer was produced by Storz & Bickel in 2014, and it has been updated several times since then. Still, in late 2019, it received a significant upgrade and a new moniker - the Crafty+.

The most notable enhancement is the battery, which now lasts longer, charges faster, and has a heat-up time of only 60 seconds. You can now have three pre-set temperatures instead of only two as previously.

Thanks to a new circuit board, it has also shrunk in size, and the outside shell has been redesigned to be more discrete. Finally, if you register your Crafty Plus with Storz & Bickel, you will receive an additional year of warranty, bringing the total to three years.

The Crafty+ vaporizer's next iteration was released in 2021. This edition has a USB-C port, which cuts charging time by 25 minutes, and a ceramic-coated filling chamber, making it even more resistant to scratches and damage.

Enhanced Battery Life

Crafty+ has an impressive battery life of up to 60 minutes of continuous vapour production on a full charge, which is quite long considering its compact size. A helpful vibration mechanism will inform you when the battery is running low, giving you plenty of time to charge it and resume your practice.


Unlike most other portable vapes available, the Crafty Plus can vaporize not only dry herbs but also oils and concentrates. Because you may choose any temperature between 40 and 210 °C, you can select the appropriate heat level and receive dense, flavorful vapour clouds no matter what you evaporate.

Bluetooth Application

The Crafty+ software has been specifically created to enhance your overall vaping experience. It is accessible on both iPhone and Android and allows you to regulate the temperature and the LED display brightness and deactivate the vibrating feature if desired.

You may also save your favourite temperature settings for future sessions, as the app allows you to operate the gadget without touching it. If apps aren't your thing, don't worry because utilizing the app is entirely optional, and you can be effortlessly controled by using the device's built-in buttons — the choice is yours!

Note: As of November 17th, 2019, Apple has prohibited vaping apps on the App Store; thus, unless you have a previously downloaded copy of the Storz & Bickel app, you must use a web browser app to manage your Crafty Plus from an iPhone.

Excellent Results

The Crafty+ uses both convection and conduction heating since it has a built-in proprietary heat exchanger that ensures superior performance every time. It can maintain a consistent temperature during your session, ensuring that you get thick, flavorful, and smooth vapour no matter how quickly you breathe in.

Simple to Clean

Many vaporizers require extremely sophisticated navigation to disassemble and clean, but the Crafty Plus vaporizer was mainly created with ease in mind. Not only are all components of the most excellent material quality, but they are also effortless to disassemble without causing damage. This clever design enables you to fully clean this vape to ensure optimal hygiene and longevity without losing time that could be spent vaping instead!

Higher Path note

The Crafty+ Plus is an elite-level vaporizer in every sense of the word. Designed to fit in your pocket, simple to use, with flavourful, cool vapour production every time.  At only half the size of the flagship portable model, the Mighty+ makes an excellent choice for those looking for a dry herb vape that is smaller and more discreet – without compromising on quality. With its improved technology, the Crafty+ Vaporiser is perfect for beginners and expert vapers who value high-quality hits when on the move.

  • Personalized settings through app
  • Exceptional airflow
  • World-class vapour
  • Hybrid Heating
  • USB-C Charging (2021 edition)
  • Ceramic Coated Heating Chamber (2021 edition)
  • 3 pre-set temperatures
  • 2 Base Temperature Settings
  • 1 Boost Temperature Settings
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Supercharger Feature/ Fast Charging (2021 edition)
  • Single Button Operation
  • Compatible with Extracts
  • Maximum temperature 99°C / 210°C
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