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Cannabis Leaf Hoop Earrings

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These hand-crafted earrings feature real Cannabis Leaves dipped in 24k Gold. 

Strain: "Lalibela pine"

 Leaf Size: ~2.5 in, (length) 

14k gold fill Hoop Size: ~ 1.25in, 30mm (diameter)

overall length:~ 3.75in, 95mm

customized styling available 

Gift box included.
Each piece is completely one-of-a-kind, featuring specific strains and natural gemstones. The real bud or leaf is carefully coated in metal and a thick layer of 24k gold. 




Best to take off before exercising, sleeping or showering.  Avoid direct contact with perfume and other products. To clean, buff gently with dry cloth. Store in a safe, dry place when not worn.

Well loved jewelry may need some extra care in the future. We offer free replating/ repairs on most pieces

contact for more information. 


-This product is for artistic purposes only. Nothing we sell can be smoked or ingested in any way. Through our process the plant itself is completely rendered enert, transforming it into art-