Claude Mini Dab Rig

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Claude is named after one of the primary designers of the Roman aqueduct system. Changing the course of history as we know it by revolutionising the way water may be transferred and utilised.

The Claude Tiny Dab Rig is MJ Arsenal's latest mini dab rig product. The Claude Mini Dab Rig pays respect to their first featured recycling rig, the Merlin dab rig, by taking water direction and filtration to a whole new level. With the Claude Mini Dab Rig, you can really feel the turbulent spin cycle that your terp-infused vapour is subjected to, ending in the smoothest and most flavourful experience yet!

Allow the Claude Mini Dab Rig to take you for a spin. Elevate the mundane.

Why Use a Mini Dab Rig? Less air equals greater flavour. Make no sacrifices and boost your regular session with MJArsenal.

Dimensions: 5.5in x 4in x 2.75in 

*10mm connection

Each Claude mini dab rig™ includes:

((1) Claude mini recycler rig™ (10mm connection)

(1) 10mm Quartz bucket (2mm thick)