Cache - Mini Water Pipe Jar

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For a long time, the MJA team has intended to create a flower-focused service. The one thing they didn't want to do was keep doing the same thing.

Introducing the Cache Mini Water Pipes by MJ Arsenal. Our miniature water pipes were inspired by a Southeast Asian pipe that dates back hundreds of years. Grind it, save it, pour it, and eat it. Our Cache tiny water pipes' system is designed to make your life as easy as possible by including a unique storage jar attached to the beaker basin of this water pipe. With our new Cache tiny glass bong, you can keep your flower dry, fresh, and close at hand.

7in x 4.75in 4in Dimensions

MJ Arsenal's Cache Mini elevates the ordinary bong.

MJA's Cache Mini Water Pipes come included with:

(1) Cache Mini Water Pipe Jar

(1) 10mm Flower bowl 

(1) Cork

(1) Reusable box/custom cut foam