Puffco Budsy Water Bottle

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Introducing the Puffco Budsy

Puffco's 2021 April Fool's Joke turned into a well-received product in the form of the Budsy. The Budsy is the most discrete bong on the market since it looks like an ordinary Water Bottle until you open the top to reveal a bowl that you can pack up and fire. It is straightforward to use while also looking fantastic. The best aspect is how simple it is to clean compared to other bongs.  The bottle top conceals both the mouthpiece and the bowl for a wholly disguised design. The bottle material is BPA-free Tritan with a silicone tab around the bowl slide for safe handling.  Fill Budsy with 420mL of water, insert the ceramic herb slide, turn on the light, and go!

Higher Path Note 

The Puffco Budsy is an excellent portable smoking device. Budsy has a ceramic bowl and a dual-sided down stem. Budsy, unlike the other Puffco Vaporizers, has no electronic parts, making it easy to clean in the dishwasher.

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