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Dr. Dabber The Boost Evo Quartz Atomizer from Dr. Dabber is an individual atomizer replacement part brought to you by legendary American vaporizer manufacturers for your portable Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Wax Vaporizer. The brand is best known for its groundbreaking Switch and subsequent Evo Boost. The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Quartz Atomizer is an individual pre-built chamber that features the IntelliTEMP heating element, a quartz vaporizing chamber, and stainless steel outer body construction. The heating segment and internal components within the atomizer are fully separated from your oils and the vapour's pathway to prevent any residue build-up. The quartz chamber allows for vaporisation similar to traditional dabbing using a banger and torch. The atomizer includes Dr. Dabber's Snaptech magnets which makes the loading process astonishingly simple, therefore it requires no threading or turning of the atomizer for installation or removal.


Brand Dr Dabber
Material Steel
Vape Type Portable
Vaporizer Use Concentrate/Oil/Wax
Colour Stainless Steel