Blazy Susan Vegan Pre Rolled Cones - Pink Box 50

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Blazy Susan pink pre-rolled cones are perhaps the most eye-catching brand of rolling papers on the PureSativa shelves. Designed in Colorado and manufactured in France from premium quality wood pulp, Blazy Susan cones are easily identified by their distinctive pink colouration.

The pink colour is derived from a natural dye and was originally intended to be a temporary promotional colour to raise awareness for breast cancer charities. Following a mountain of positive feedback and support, Blazy Susan decided to keep the pink colour permanently.
These 98mm cones come pre-roached and ready to fill, are non-GMO and are completely vegan-friendly. They deliver a slow, smooth burn and are flavourless and odourless.


Brand Blazy Susan
Rolling Paper Type Ultra Thin
Paper Size KingSize
Width 10cm
Material Wood