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Providing excellent performance at a cost lower than its main competitors, Arizer's release of the Arizer Extreme Q transformed the stationary vape market over ten years ago. The Arizer XQ2 is an improved version of the renowned Extreme Q Vaporizer, with an advanced ceramic convection heater, personalised session settings, and a new programmable remote. Arizer upgraded the XQ2's convection heating feature, which draws hot air over your material to produce fantastic flavour regardless of temperature. Furthermore, the Arizer XQ2 features a revolutionary coloured LED light that indicates its current condition, an upgraded herb glass bowl, and a re-engineered airflow that ensures only the purest and tastiest vapour hits your lips.

The XQ2 vaporizer has a sleek metal black cover, and the dynamic LED light at the bottom of the device shows you when your optimum temperature has reached and when cooling is taking place.

With the included whip adapter, you may employ balloon and direct vapour delivery with the new Arizer XQ2. You may also use the whip to enhance your sessions by connecting it to your favourite glasses.

The 3-foot Whip attachment on the XQ2 enables on-demand direct draw while also utilising the 3-speed Fan for an "Assisted Draw." The whip has glass ends for easy cleaning and upkeep, high-quality silicone tubing for smooth draws, and a 360°Swivel Action for group workouts.

If you prefer balloon bags of vapour, the Arizer XQ2 fills collecting bags/balloons with tasty vapour using a handy balloon mechanism. The balloons on the XQ2 are suited for heavy vapers and long vaping sessions. Each Arizer XQ2 balloon can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The LED lights on the Arizer XQ2's base can be changed to Dynamic Mode, Spectrum Mode, one of eight specific colour options, or turned off for more low-key sessions. The "Spectrum Mode" continuously changes the colour every 2 seconds, but the "Dynamic Mode" allows you to tell the state of the device at a glance:


  • Heating – Pulses from Yellow to Orange
  • Reach Set Temperature – Blinks Green twice
  • Stable Temperature – Pulses orange
  • Fan Operation – Pulses purple
  • Cooling – Pulses cyan
  • Cooling with Fan – Pulses blue



    The XQ2 distinguishes itself from its predecessor by having a speedier heat-up time. It will achieve the target temperature within 1-2 minutes of starting up, depending on the setting specified, thanks to an upgraded heating element that uses electricity more efficiently. Those who want to vape with the balloon should anticipate filling up with vapour in 2-4 minutes, depending on the fan speed.


    The XQ2's simplified, programmable remote control allows you to control your vaporizer from a distance. This dependable and straightforward device comes with everything you need to start or finish a session without ever touching it. The remote allows you to turn the vape on and off, regulate the temperature, and control the fan. There are also three programmable temperature settings that you may set to your preferred temps for easy access. Of course, if you lose the remote, you can always control all settings from the unit's buttons.


    The XQ2 is a highly competitive budget-friendly vaporizer with many of the same features as the Volcano Hybrid but at a lower cost! With its simple controls and extensive accessory selection, the XQ2 is set to find a home in the desktop vape industry for many years to come.