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Rowll All in One Rolling Kit Organic Hemp (2pcs)

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Rowll Rolling But Smarter- All in One Organic Hemp Kit (2 pieces)

Welcome to the future of Rowlling. 

At home or at the park, at a concert or at the beach, on a mountain top or in the desert, Christmas with the in-laws or on a road trip down south, to the moon or on just on the block. 

Never. Ever. Will you need anything else ever again.

Rowll's Rolling Kit has you covered whatever the situation.

Introducing Organic Hemp-The newest member of the team.

Rowll all in 1 rolling kit contains:

❃ Build in Grinder

❃ Rolling Tray

❃ 32 King size organic hemp premium rolling papers

❃ 32 Dashed pro filter tips

❃ Adjustable Funnel

❃ Magnetic storage case