Cannabis Terpenes 101

Cannabis Terpenes 101

Cannabis Terpenes 101

There are several common words in the cannabis industry that most people know. Perhaps, "Indica" or "Sativa," for example? (These two words refer to the two different cannabis plants.) Many people are familiar with the street names of cannabis, such as "weed," "green," or "bud." Whether you're an avid cannabis user or not, you might have heard the word "terpenes" before and are not sure what they're referring to. Mind you, even if you're a cannabis user, you might not be fully aware of what terpenes are. Terpenes are like the fine details in the cannabis plant. We're diving into cannabis terpenes 101 in this article. But before we understand what are terpenes in weed, let's make sure we all understand what cannabis is. This article will cover the cannabis plant, terpenes, terpene profiles, and the effects of cannabis terpenes. In addition, you'll find out if cannabis terpenes are psychoactive or not!


The Cannabis Plant


Cannabis has been used medicinally and recreationally for an enormously long time. Cannabis, often referred to as marijuana, is usually dried, crumbled, and put into bongs, pipes, or joints and smoked. The female cannabis plant is the one that produces buds with the psychoactive substance known as tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as THC. This is the substance that produces the euphoric high. Each cannabis plant varies in its potency and its effects. Much of the quality of the cannabis is in relation to the care put into its maintenance of it. Therefore, the impact of smoking cannabis varies and depends on the strength of the bud and the amount consumed. 


Caring for the Cannabis Plant


Good quality cannabis comes from a well-cared plant and is maintained. The caring and maintenance of cannabis plants are essential. They begin as weed seedlings. They are very fragile until they start growing in height and sprouting new leaves. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the room, you might have to water the seedlings once a week. All cannabis seedlings need is adequate water and light. Once the seedling starts growing, it needs nutrition, water, and possibly increased space. As they continue to grow, the plant will flower and produce buds. These buds are the cannabis we consume. Caring for cannabis can be a lot of work. How well this happens determines much of the quality of the cannabis and also the quality of the terpenes produced.


What is a terpene?


Terpenes are found in the cannabis plant. They are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are both potent and also powerful. (They're in other plants and things, too, but we're just talking about what is terpenes in the sense of cannabis.) Terpenes are responsible for the different scents, tastes, and effects of the various strains of cannabis plants. In addition, they're responsible for the pigmentation of the bud. Because of terpenes, two different strains with the same THC level can produce entirely different experiences. So understanding terpenes can elevate your experience.


Terpene Profile


The phrase terpene profile refers to the dominant terpenes found in the cannabis plant. Knowing this information gives potential cannabis users insight into the possible effects of using it. Remember, terpenes alone aren't psychoactive but rather work with the rest of the cannabinoids to give the cannabis a distinct taste, colour, smell, and feel.


Common Terpenes in Cannabis


Humulene: The terpene humulene has health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties. This terpene has been used in history for its energizing and uplifting effects.


Linalool: The terpene linalool is thought to alleviate stress and lift moods. It has a spicy, slightly floral fragrance to it.


Camphene: The camphene terpene has a musky, earthy odour. This terpene is associated with many health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels.


Do terpenes get you high?


Cannabis terpenes don't induce a traditional, euphoric high but rather are believed to impact the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is in this way that the terpenes affect the "high." (Ex - pain management, anxiety, cancer, etc.) cannabis terpenes are essential, and many connoisseurs even suggest that reviewing the cannabis terpene profile can be more beneficial than judging the THC level only when searching for specific effects.


What terpenes get you high?


Terpenes alone won't get you high. However, the significance is with how they interact with the other cannabinoids in the plant is what impacts the psychoactive experience. So the terpenes alone are not psychoactive.


How to use a live terpene syringe?


Using live terpene in a syringe can be beneficial for precise dosing. Terpene syringes can be used on their own or added with other products. It can be used orally, under the tongue, or buccally on its own. You were wondering how to vape terpenes? The first factor is to ensure you have the right vape/piece. Afterwards, you can create a terpene-infused vape oil, and then ta-da! Remember, the terpene isn't what produces the psychoactive effects, but rather when combined with the other cannabinoids, they provide the fragrance.


What are derived terpenes?


Terpenes are an integral part of the growth of the cannabis plant. Cannabis-derived terpenes occur naturally in the plant. They help the plant repel pests and get all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. In addition, terpenes are responsible for giving the cannabis flavour and creating the psychoactive effect when combined with cannabinoids. 


What strain has a high amount of terpenes?


Terpenes are potent and vital. When buying cannabis, there are indications for the concentration level of terpenes found in that bud. Typically, it will be less than 3%. A few strains with a high amount of terpenes are Marioberry, Sour Diesel, and Dutch Treat. 


What is the difference between cannabis derived and botanical terpenes?


Usually, when CBD or THC vape manufacturers create vaping products, they add terpenes for flavour, as the distillate is odourless and tasteless. Some companies, for financial reasons, use botanical terpenes extracted from fruits and other non-cannabis plants. However, premium CBD carts always have natural terpenes extracted from the cannabis plant, just like the ones used in Secret Nature CBD products.


Cannabis Terpenes Recap


It is more common for cannabis users to judge a plant based on its THC level when it's equally important to understand the terpene profile. The way the cannabis terpenes interact with the other cannabinoids creates that pleasant euphoria that cannabis users know and love. Therefore, understanding the terpene profile can help ensure you're choosing the right strain for the effects you're looking for. 

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